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Full Stack Engineer @ Jagex

So far supporting RuneScape mobile, modernising our infrastructure in the cloud and improving team processes.

At Jagex, I’m a full-stack web developer working in the publishing platform team. We build the majority of the modern, game-agnostic web-services necessary to support the creation and delivery of our online games: from accounts systems managing player data, to monetisation and analytics pipelines, bespoke product marketing sites, forums and player-support tools. We also occasionally build integrations with our services for game teams, and cross-platform native web-applications.

RuneScape has a storied history; over 250,000,000 accounts, a daily peak CCU over 100,000, and hundreds of game servers around the world receiving weekly content updates. During my time at Jagex we have published an online card game to Steam, and we are working on further unannounced IP.

I develop primarily in Java and JavaScript (TypeScript), with frameworks like Spring and Vue covering the stack. Due to the need to solve consistently complicated and time-sensitive problems for such a large audience, I operate in a cross-functional Agile SCRUM team, sometimes working with external agencies. For any given project, I may also be contributing to research, user-experience design and dev-ops, which forces me to consistently pick up new competencies in other programming languages (from Bash to C++) and software tools in order to take an idea from concept to delivery.

Some typical examples of released work since joining:

Much of our platform is rooted in legacy architecture, which has resulted in the careful orchestration of modernisation work to migrate to cloud-hosted solutions that we can better monitor and maintain.

Throughout, I’ve been supporting the team in improving our capabilities:

To make sure my learning also comes from a wider industry context, I also completed a SCRUM Master certification, and have been increasingly interested in community engagement as a means to better understand and represent player interests.

In any spare time, I’m helping run the diversity group, the server-side community-of-practice and open-sourcing tools.

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