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Front-End Developer @ SCHOOLS NorthEast

I worked as a developer in a small, non-technical team running a tight-ship

This was a summer internship working for educational charity SCHOOLS NorthEast, a small team dedicated to connecting schools in the North East of England. I was their sole front-end developer during this time, where they maintained two websites (a news site and a jobs board) and a mailing list. I adopted work from a previous contractor, updating it and supporting the rest of the team day-to-day in improving their reach with the technology available to them, in addition to meeting their clients to understand the wider needs of users of their sites.

My primary responsibilities were to:

  • Oversee the re-evaluation of their main site’s design, overcoming a monolithic CMS system written in PHP & XSLT to deliver UI improvements.
  • Produce bespoke, configurable email templates for staff members, to increase productivity during campaigns
  • Help facilitate events planning
  • Produce reports on site traffic data to inform changes to website content, advise on improved SEO to bump search rankings

Key successes during this time were supporting the launch of a new jobs board in collaboration with an external agency, coaching members of staff on the implications of publishing decisions in the context of their sites’ SEO to see their search rankings increase, and providing the email marketers a with better ways to configure their templates in order to produce campaigns quicker.

I also assisted at several conferences, and I returned in the future to give advice – never a dull moment!

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